Fitness trackers may not be the best way to monitor exercise

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The keys to a happy and healthy life are proper diet and exercise.

It was only a matter of time before fitness trackers found their way onto our pet collars. We believe that a species-appropriate and natural diet is the first step to a healthy pet. The second step is to make sure your pet gets enough exercise. However, we should be careful about applying electronic devices on our pets, even if you have their best interests at heart. Electronic devices, such as fitness trackers, can generate an Electromagnetic Field (EMF) that can shorten the life of our dog.

Yes, ironically, a fitness tracker meant to help the owner track the health of their dog, could be the very reason that your dog lives a shorter life due to EMF exposure. With pet obesity being a growing epidemic the world over, a fitness tracker for your pet may seem like a great technological convenience with great intentions, but high exposure to EMF comes with several health risks.

The potential effects of EMF on you and your dog

EMF exposure has been known to have an effect on our biological tissue, nerves, blood vessels, skin, and other organs, as well as the structure of DNA. EMF radiation has also been known to cause cancer. Until we fully understand what levels of EMF are safe and which are not, we recommend that you don’t strap a fitness tracker on your dog, as it is strapping an electromagnetic field straight onto their collar.

Protecting your pet from EMF exposure

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Fitness trackers could expose your pet to harmful EMF.

We are surrounded by EMF, but there are simple steps you can take to minimize the exposure to you and your pet. Watch what devices you have in your bedroom. The EMF is always stronger right next to the source, so the further away you can place electronics and radioactive devices, the less exposure you and your pet will get.

Avoid putting the following common household items near where your dog likes to hang out:

Diet and exercise are keys to a long life

There are many resources to assist you with nutrition, but it’s up to you to make sure your pet gets the proper exercise to supplement their diet. You don’t need a fitness tracker to let you know if your pet is getting enough exercise. Pay attention to their weight, mood, and behavior!

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Keep electronic devices that can expose your pet to high levels of EMF away from their bed.

If they don’t fit into any of their favorite dog collars anymore, it’s a sign your pet needs more exercise.

If your dog is restless, barking, and scratching at the door or destructive, it could mean they need to get more exercise.