The ALPHA Prey-Model Diet

Add ALPHA Prey to rotational feeding scheduleBoth cats and dogs are pack animals. However, living in a pack isn’t one big happy drum circle. There is always an alpha dog or an alpha cat that leads the pack. Although not every pet falls into the alpha category, especially in households with multiple pets, that doesn’t mean that we can’t treat them all like they are top dog – or top cat. Each pet has their own personality, and we need to nurture that, but when it comes to diet, each pet deserves the best. In the raw pet food world, a new alpha has emerged: The ALPHA Prey-Model Diet.

Put ALPHA Prey into the raw food rotation

Much of the raw food diet is a healthy blend of meats and veggies, all fresh, all raw, and all packed with the right nutritional makeup for your pet. To make a good thing even greater, many pet parents have put their pets on a rotational feeding, giving their pet a variety of ingredients. Rotational feeding ensures a complete and varied diet that supports a healthy immune system, as well as a healthy digestive system. A rotational diet can also prevent your pet from developing food allergies and sensitivities, due to the gentle exposure to many different types of food. Rotating your pet food will also keep feeding time exciting, and an excited pet is a happy pet. If you have your pet on a rotational feeding schedule or you want to try it out, put ALPHA Prey into the rotation.

All-meat raw pet food

The ALPHA Prey-Model Diet is a product from Vital Essentials, one of the leaders of the raw pet food industry. ALPHA is a diet made up of meat, meat, and more meat, feeding your pet like a true alpha deserves to be fed. If you look back at the pack mentality of wild dogs, the alpha dog will always get the best, most delicious, and most nutritious part of every kill. The ALPHA Prey-Model Diet is comprised of the best parts of the animal, the parts that the alpha would instinctually claim for him or herself.

The best raw food for your petsVital organs have the most nutritious value

ALPHA Prey raw food diet consists of the vital organs – heart, liver, lungs, kidney, and tripe, which are packed with vital, essential nutrients.

“This vital organ mix, along with the  meat and bone, provides the ALPHA with the richest source of nutrients it needs for a strong immune system, to procreate strong, healthy offspring for the long-term survival of the pack”

Feed your pet like an alpha

ALPHA Raw Pet FoodAdd the ALPHA diet to your rotational diet. Doesn’t your pet deserve the best so they can lead long, vibrant, healthy lives? ALPHA is the ultimate species-appropriate diet, complete and balanced and a perfect replica of how your pets would choose to eat in the wild.

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