Raw bones for dogs in Bay Area
Large breed puppies could use the extra calcium that they get from chewing on raw bones.

Giving your dog a raw bone promotes mental and physical health. For those pups that have developed unwanted chewing habits, throwing them a bone might just be what’s going to save your favorite pair of shoes.

Raw bones provide essential vitamins and minerals

For growing puppies, raw bones can give them the extra calcium phosphate that they need for their bones to grow strong and healthy. Dogs also have an easier time digesting the calcium in raw bones, much more so than other calcium supplements on the market.

Raw bones promote digestive health

Raw bones are also great for the digestive system and provide your dog with a little extra roughage to ensure healthy, regular trips to the bathroom.

Raw bones promote dental hygiene

Until we can teach dogs to brush and floss, raw bones are the next best thing. Of course, some parents will brush their dog’s teeth, but chewing on a bone can also help get rid of tartar and prevent dental health issues like cavities, gingivitis, and bad breath. We guarantee that your dog is going to be way more excited about “flossing” with a raw bone than about you trying to use a toothbrush to get to their hard-to-reach back molars.

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Regular chewing of raw bones is one of the best and most natural ways to keep your dog’s teeth clean and healthy.

After dinner, treat your dog to a bone. Chewing will promote saliva production and help flush out food particles that may be stuck in the teeth after a natural raw food meal, remove excess tartar build-up, and keep those chompers sparkling.

Raw bones are a fun distraction

Dogs love to chew on things, either for fun, for attention, or because they are feeling stressed and anxious. A bone is a healthy and fun distraction. Positive reinforcement is the best way to change negative behavior, like chewing on shoes and other household objects. Promote healthy chewing and play by redirecting your dog’s attention to a raw bone and away from your closet. If your dog’s chewing habits are due to stress and anxiety, chewing on a bone can distract them, giving them a bit of relief and something to get out their nervous energy.

Raw bones are like toys with health benefits. Chewing on the bone will stimulate the brain, and promote a strong jaw, strong bones, healthy teeth, and healthy digestive system.