This is the season when we all splurge on great food, wine, and desserts. It is, for many, a season of gluttony. However, despite allowing yourself to consume a few more calories than other months, we all know that every meal, whether savory or sweet, tastes much better with great, fresh, and preferably locally sourced ingredients.

Natural pet food store in Berkeley
Let your pets know it’s the holiday season by giving them a few healthy treats.

Let your pets feel some holiday love

You’re not the only one getting into the holiday spirit. For every party, every new decoration, and friends and family stopping by with holiday cheer, your pet is very aware that something is different. Hopefully, they’re picking up your joyous holiday spirit, not the hair-pulling stress that is sometimes the unfortunate side-effect of this magical time of year.

Treat your pets to something special. Come pick up some delicious meaty raw bones and other treats to let your pet be a part of the festivities. If you don’t already have your pet on a raw food diet, why not give your pet an early Christmas/Hanukkah/Holiday present and start them on a nutritional, species-appropriate, organic, locally sourced raw food diet?

CBD/Mushroom treats for stressed and anxious pets

Bay Area Natural Pet Food and Supply Store
Greenies are the perfect holiday treat for your pets.

If your pet is feeling a little extra stress and anxiety because of all the out of the ordinary festivities, we’ve got our own line of CBD treats and oils for your pets. It’s non-hallucinogenic cannabis treats for your pet. Plus, our line of CBD treats includes a certified organic blend of five medicinal mushrooms: reishi, shiitake, phellinus, poria, & turkey tail (Coriolus).

Natural pet food and supply store

We know that your pets are like family, so they should have a few stocking stuffers or a few presents under the tree. We’re your one-stop shop for all your pet holiday needs, from bones to broth, raw food to natural supplements, and treats to toys.

Stop by the Hound and pick up some holiday cheer for your pets.


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