Halloween is the time when we welcome both tricks and treats. But, whereas we choose just how scary we want Halloween to be, our pets don’t have that choice. To our pets, Halloween can be legitimately frightening. If you have a nervous pet, but don’t want to miss out on Halloween festivities and traditions, the trick is our PCR hemp treats!

Pets and Halloween

PCR hemp products for pets
Our PCR hemp products are organic, grain-free, and 100% natural.

The heightened excitement that comes with Halloween can be a bit stressful for some pets. There are costumes, face-paints, masks, and non-stop trick or treaters ringing the doorbell. There’s also a giant bowl of candy that everyone seems to enjoy but your pet— and we all know how frustrating it can be for a pet not to be included. With so much Halloween candy, everyone’s just a little bit hopped up on sugar, raising the energy in the home. All these small changes are hard for a pet, especially if they tend to be a bit anxious, to begin with. Fortunately, there’s a way for everyone to enjoy Halloween.

Natural anti-anxiety treats for pets

PCR hemp oils and treats help your pet stay calm in situations that could otherwise be stressful. Pets already have a natural endocannabinoid system that helps regulate both physiological and cognitive functions, such as stress and anxiety. For this reason, many pet owners are turning to PCR to as a safe and effective way to manage a wide variety of concerns.

Our focus is always on health and nutrition, so our uniquely formulated PCR hemp oil products, combined with beneficial mushrooms, are natural, grain-free, and organic. Your pets will love them, and they won’t even realize they’re getting medicine.

Raw bones and treats for pets

Sometimes, the reason your pet is stressed during Halloween season is that they are feeling left out. Everyone is unwrapping candy in delightfully crinkly and sweet tasting wrappers; there are unique decorations everywhere that they aren’t allowed to touch, and they’re not allowed to jump on every single trick or treater that comes to the door. This would be stressful for anyone. Make your pets feel like they are part of the fun by getting them special, natural and organic treats for themselves. You don’t have to tell them that it’s a great source of minerals and promotes dental health.

Pet toys
Treat your pets to scary toys on Halloween.

Spooky Halloween toys for pets

Since they can’t chew on the Jack O Lanterns, you made as a family, distract them with their own scary Halloween toy! We’ve got scary monsters, witches, ghosts, and gravestones. We’ve also got costumes for pets so that they can genuinely feel like they are included in the fun.

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