Rotational feeding of raw food

Imagine your favorite meal. Now, imagine eating that meal every day for the rest of your life. Doesn’t sound so fabulous anymore. This is exactly what many of us have been doing to our pets for decades. We find a brand of pet food; the pet loves it, so why switch it up? Rotating your pet’s food ensures a complete and balanced diet, as well as bringing back a little fun and excitement to mealtime.

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There is a large variety of raw food you can give your pet!

A balanced diet for your pet

Even if you’re home prepping organic, nutritious raw meals for your pet, you’re still going to want to switch up the ingredients every now and again. Rotating raw food ingredients will ensure that your pet is benefitting from a variety of good ingredients, not just a few that you keep giving over and over.

Raw foods that you buy from your local natural pet food store are made to be as complete and balanced as possible. Give your pet the best of all raw foods and rotate brands and ingredients from time to time.

We have a wide variety of raw foods that can provide the best nutrition for your pet, ensuring that they get all the essential vitamins, minerals, and fatty and amino acids.

Prevent development of food sensitivities

If you’re giving your pet the same raw food every day, they could develop a sensitivity to the foods they are eating. Rotational feeding of raw food means that no one ingredient is being overused, decreasing the potential for your pet to develop sensitivities and allergic reactions to common ingredients.

Keep your pet on their paws

Not only can your pet develop food sensitivities when fed the same thing over and over, but they can also get incredibly bored. For the emotional health and wellbeing of your pet, give them a little bit of variety and something to look forward to at mealtime.

Rotating raw foods

Raw pet food in Berkeley
This cutie can’t wait to see what kind of raw food he is getting for dinner tonight.

Raw foods are made with the best raw ingredients for a species-appropriate diet. Raw foods also contain a lot of water, which is essential. Raw food tastes better and is much more exciting for your pet. Varying up your raw foods should not be a big problem unless you have a very picky eater. Once you get your pet used to a bunch of different flavors, they’ll love the days when they get a new type of food, instead of looking at you like you took away their favorite toy.