Starting your puppy or kitten on a raw food diet as soon as possible gives them a healthy start in life and a bigger chance of growing up to live long healthy, happy, and fit lives. The sooner you can give your puppy or kitten the benefits of a raw food diet, the better.

Weaning puppies and kittens onto a raw food diet

Raw goat
Use raw goat milk to wean your kittens and puppies from the mother.

You want to ease your puppy or kitten onto raw food. It’s not a good idea to have them go straight from mother’s milk to steak and carrots. If you have your puppy or kitten with the mother, you can go ahead and start to give them a little raw goat milk while they are still nursing. Mixing mother’s milk with goat milk will allow for their systems to start to get used to digesting new foods.

Talk to your veterinarian about how soon you can start to supplement with goat’s milk.

Once the puppy or kitten is completely weaned from the mother, you can start to add some solids to their raw goat milk diet. Pureeing the food will make it easier to process and digest and ensure that your baby is getting all the nutrients that it needs.

Protein and supplements for puppies and kittens

In the beginning, use proteins like turkey and chicken that are milder for your pets. Be sure to talk to your vet about the right mix of nutrients for a balanced diet. For your babies to grow up strong and healthy, it’s important that they get all the vitamins and minerals that a puppy or kitten needs in the early developmental stages. A raw food diet isn’t just a piece of organic free-range chicken and some goat milk; your baby needs a complete and balanced diet to grow up strong.

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Alternate meals for a complete and balanced raw diet

Once your puppy or kitten has gotten completely weaned onto a raw food diet, start to mix up meals and ingredients. The biggest pitfall of the raw food diet is not giving your pet all the essential vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids that they need. That is true for any stage of your pet’s life.